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Get the information you need to successfully file for candidacy in the Blaine County Elections.

Filing for a Seat

Senate and House District seats must be filed through the Secretary of State’s Office. Candidates filing for local positions, such as City, County, School, and Special District seats, must file through the Blaine County election office.

Each candidate for office must affirm when filing that they meet (or will meet within constitutional and statutory deadlines) the qualifications prescribed by the Constitution and laws of the United States and the State of Montana.

Candidates should refer to the Commissioner of Political Practices for candidate financial reporting information and forms to ensure their name appears on the ballot.

Please see the Secretary of State’s comprehensive Election Calendar.

Please return the completed form to or fax to (406) 357-2199. Fees will be calculated, and payment must be paid prior to the release on any voter lists from the Blaine County Election department

Access financial campaign reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Am I still required to collect voter signatures as part of my candidate paperwork?

A:The 2015 legislature ended the requirement for candidates to collect signatures for ANY election.

Q: Does your office require financial forms when filing?

A: The Commissioner of Political Practices regulates campaign finance for candidates. Any forms or paperwork must be requested and submitted to the CPP. The local elections office is removed from the process and will not accept any CPP paperwork starting Jan. 2016.

Q: Am I required to live in the district that I am filing for office?

A: If you are filing for a local position such as commissioner, judge, school trustee, fire district, community council, city council person, among others, requirements may vary. Please call our office 357-3240 to find out if you must reside within a particular district or not to file for office.

Q: If filing fees are required, is payment due at the time of filing?

A: Yes. In order to accept your filing forms, fees must be paid for at the time of filing. If an individual is unable to pay the associated fees, please see the indigent candidate process.

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